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Arrak Long Stay

In 2014, INchan has had an opportunity to propose a development plan for a small land plot in Chiangmai old town district.  The given site shapes like a long strip along an alley and has an existing 3-storey building on one end connecting to the main street.  The plan was then outlined to have 3 parts lined up along the length of the site, which were 1) the renovation of the existing building, 2) a series of rental spaces, 3) an accommodation facility.   Here is the proposal for the accommodation part, namely The ARRAK long-stay.  This design intends to provide melancholic feelings of Chiangmai in the old days, but offers metropolitan facilities.  It has 4 unique units, 2 garden units  on the lower level and the other 2 alcove units on the upper, with a elevated patio and a pocket fountain courtyard.




Project: The Arrak Longstay
Type: Commercial
Architect: INchan atelier
Location: Chiangmai, Thailand
Area: 350 sq.m.

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